Plantain Sopes/ Sopes de Platano Macho

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Sopes is a Mexican dish made traditionally with corn masa. It is very similar to Gorditas or Arepas but instead of stuffing them, Sopes are topped with all sorts of delicious things.

I wanted to make a Grain free/Paleo version of Sopes because I love them so much and also because I wanted to top them with the Spicy Pickled Onions I posted on my previous post.

I have made plantain tortillas and plantain empanadas before so I though, why not try to make sopes? (insert light bulb emoji here). They did not fail me! They turned out so great. If you have had Sopes before -which are made out of corn masa- you know it is a dryer texture. Plantains however are tender, so even when they would get a nice golden brown crust on the outside they will remain soft after cooking, which I loved because they don’t get soggy after all the toppings.

I made a very easy Chicken in Red Salsa using rotisserie chicken and top them with shredded lettuce and Spicy Picked Onions. If you miss the recipe for my Spicy Pickled Onions you can find it here:

These onions were the perfect addition to these Sopes! Like I said, I wanted to keep them Paleo but you don’t have to. You can add a dollop of Mexican crema or Cotija cheese. It is up to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re are eating Grain Free/Palo or not, you are going to love these Sopes!

Find recipe below.


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