Capirotada is a traditional Mexican dish, similar to a bread pudding. It is most popular during Lent, where you can find it on every table around Mexico. Capirotada is


Mollete is a toasted open face sandwich (bolillo) topped with refried beans and melty cheese and served with pico de gallo or salsa. It is so popular in

Key Lime Pie

Spring is almost here and that means Easter is just around the corner. I just love this season! Potlucks, parks, and everything blooming. This “Key Lime Pie” has

Pear Tarts

Store bought puff pastry is one of the best things ever invented. It is so convenient and always makes you look like a star in the kitchen. This

Orange Flan

Flan is a very popular dessert in Latin America. It was originally introduced to Mexico by the Spanish who are responsible for improving it by topping it with

Tomato Tart

Is anybody else getting into lighter and fresher foods? I love eating seasonal meals and this “Tomato Tart” did not disappoint! I found some beautiful hairloom tomatoes at

Cookie Cake

This is a Valentine’s Day celebration for my little ones. My girls (9 and 5 years old) Love celebrating Valentine’s Day, it is a tradition to celebrate it