Paleo Banana Muffin Tops

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I hope you enjoyed the little break I gave you from banana bread because It is back! “Paleo Banana Muffin Tops” another delicious version of my Paleo Banana bread. These muffin tops are perfect for portion control (said no one ever). They are called muffin tops because they are a little crispy on the outside but soft and moist in the inside. Just like muffins tops! Isn’t the top the best part anyway? I have to say though, these are so much lighter and of course, they are actually better for you.

But forget about all that, these are just delicious. I love that it only takes 1 banana to make 8 to 10 of these babies while banana bread takes 2 or 3 bananas large bananas. So, If you want to make an easy and small batch of banana bread, give this recipe a try!

Full recipe below!


Hello, my name is Marisol Chancellor. I was born and raised in Monterrey Mexico. I’ve been living in Texas for 12 years and even when I love barbeque, fruit cobblers and sweet tea, there’s something that has the power of transporting me right back to my mom’s kitchen and gives me a little piece of home, cooking. I grew up in the kitchen and for me, memories are always linked to food, and behind the food, well, there’s always a story that comes along. So, please let me share with you my love for cooking and while we are at it, let’s share some memories, because let’s be honest, we are also hungry for nostalgia.

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