Pastel de Piña con Crema/Cream and Pineapple Cake

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Let’s talk about family traditions. This cake right here represents every birthday and special celebration in my family. Requested and loved by everyone (with good reason) this is my mom’s “Pastel de Piña con Crema” This cake is not only delicious but it is so easy to make, easy to transport (this cake made it to my tios and primos homes intact) and tastes even better as it sits in the fridge.

There is one thing about this cake that is non negotiable and that is “Real California Milk Authentic Mexican crema” Sweet crema that is chilled and whipped until thick and fluffly makes the perfect topping for this cake, it’s like no other frosting or icing you ever had.

What you need to make Pastel de Piña con Crema

For the Cake:

Eggs, room temperature


Mexican vanilla


Pancake mix

Baking powder


Real California Whole milk

Real California Butter and flour to prepare baking dish

Canned Pineapple rings, with juice

For the Crema

Real California Mexican Crema


Mexican vanilla

Maraschino Cherries for garnish

Me on my 4th Birthday blowing off the candles on my Pastel de Piña Cake.

What you need to know before you make Pastel de Piña con Crema

Just like heavy cream it is important to chill the Mexican crema for at least one hour before whipping. The freezer would be ideal. Just keep an eye on the cream and don’t let it turn frozen solid. Once you whip the crema it should be fluffy and doubled in volume but still smooth and creamy.

To storage the cake simply transfer to a sealed container or cover with plastic wrap. The taste is delicious as it is but it tastes even better the next day.

For more delicious recipes using California’s Hispanic-Style cheeses and cremas, visit:




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