Pork with Salsa Verde and Potatoes

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Salsa verde is one of my favorite salsas of all time. However, I find tomatillos a little tricky to work with. In my experience I’ve had many, many green salsas made with very acid tomatillos, I don’t like that. Some people add sugar to mellow the acid taste of tomatillos but I’d rather not do that so, I like adding zucchini to the green salsa, I think the zucchini tames the acid taste of the tomatillos and it makes it totally delicious, plus more veggies in, its a win! 

So today I am making Pork with salsa verde and potatoes. This is a dish that my entire family loves, especially my 3year old, She’s a meat and potato girl. I normally add 1 or 2 jalapenos to the salsa but my kids are not big into spicy food yet, (I hope they will someday. I mean, they’re half Mexican half Texan after all) so I am leaving the peppers out for  this recipe but you can totally add them to the salsa if you want to give it a little kick. 

This is how I make it. 

Heat a heavy bottomed pan on medium high heat and add 1 teaspoon of oil. Cut the pork into large cubes. I have about 1/2 Lb of bonless pork butt. If you think it’s too fatty you can trim some of the excess fat. Add the meat to the pan and stir once or twice while you make the green salsa. I’m not trying to brown the meat, I’m just letting it hang in there while I get the ingredientes for the salsa, ready. 
For the salsa verde, I roughly chopped one zucchini, 5 tomatillos  (remove the husk and wash them, they’re sticky) and 1/2 onion. We are also going to need 3 cloves or garlic.
Add everything to the blender along with 1 cup of water, 2 teaspoons of salt, ground black pepper,  1 teaspoon of ground comino, and 1/2 teaspoon of oregano.
Blend until it becomes a smooth salsa.
Add the salsa and one bay leave to the pork. Cover and simmer on low for about two hours.  
After two hours, peel and cut the potatoes in to big chucks and add them to the meat. Cover and keep simmering until potatoes are completely cooked and soft. about 20-25 minutes. 
And its done! the pork is so tender and juicy, it goes great with the green salsa. I garnish the dish with slice avocados and fresh cilantro. Don’t skip the cilantro! It ties all the falvors together and gives it a little freshness to the rich stew. Enjoy!  


Hello, my name is Marisol Chancellor. I was born and raised in Monterrey Mexico. I’ve been living in Texas for 12 years and even when I love barbeque, fruit cobblers and sweet tea, there’s something that has the power of transporting me right back to my mom’s kitchen and gives me a little piece of home, cooking. I grew up in the kitchen and for me, memories are always linked to food, and behind the food, well, there’s always a story that comes along. So, please let me share with you my love for cooking and while we are at it, let’s share some memories, because let’s be honest, we are also hungry for nostalgia.

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