Pastel de Tres Leches/Tres Leches Cake

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” Welcome to my Frontier” I wanted to say that so bad! Ok, once it’s out of the way, let us continue. 

When my friend Karina introduced me to this tres leches cake, I was a little skeptical. All the “Tres Leches” I had tried on this side of the border were nothing like the ones we make in Mexico. Until I had a bite of THIS cake. I was blown away! It is the real deal of the Tres Leches, the ones we make in Mexico or get at La Pasteleria for every birthday or special occasion. I loved it immediately. 

Later, I learned that this recipe is from The Pioneer Woman. No wonder! this lady knows the way to my heart and belly. I tell all my Mexican friends about this recipe any chance I have and so far, they all have loved it! 

This Cake is airy and spongy, it soaks up a mixture of three milks, heavy cream, condensed milk and evaporated milk. I know what you’re thinkig.. “soggy cake” well, NO. A good Tres Leches cake is never soggy. Just holds all the milk in magically.

The cake is the perfect amount of sweet with a little vanilla. And the whipped cream frosting… whipped cream and a little sugar, that’s it! I love that this cake is not pretentious, just simply wonderful. 

So, thank you Pioneer Woman.

I added chopped strawberries to my cake, they’re in season and are so ripe and delicious. They worked perfect for the Tres Leches Cake. 

Ree, I’d clean your pantry again any time you want. 

 Or chill on your porch. Whatever you want. Call me. 

Get the Pioneer Woman’s full recipe on this link. 

Or down here:


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