Roasted Pepper and Tomato Soup

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I love tomato soup, it is one of my favorite ways to eat tomatoes (considering I don’t like tomatoes very much) but I am very particular about the acidity of the soup. Most people make tomato soup with can tomatoes which to my taste it is very acidic, so much that you have to balance it with sugar. If you make it with fresh tomatoes you need to make sure they are very ripe and in season or otherwise your soup will not taste like tomatoes.

If you face the same dilemma you are going to love this recipe. It is perfectly balance thanks to the combination of ripe tomatoes and tomato sauce. The best of both worlds! Also, the addition of roasted peppers give this soup a little sweetness and depth of flavor that makes it even more delicious and comforting. Serve with my homemade parmesan croutons and you’re in for something really delicious and special.

What you need to make Roasted Pepper and Tomato Soup

Tomatoes: I used very ripe Roma tomatoes

1 carrot: Peeled and dice

1/2 celery stalk: Used 1 if small

Onion: Diced. If too small do 1/2 onion, you should need about 1/3 cup

Garlic: fresh, always fresh

Roasted piquillo peppers: Get the jarred peppers! Roasted, peeled and ready to use.

Basil: It will be blended with the soup, if you don’t have fresh basil use about 2 teaspoons of dry.

Tomato sauce

Chicken stock

Parmesan Croutons for serving: Parmesan Croutons – Marisol Cooks

Helpful tips to make Roasted Pepper and Tomato soup

I like to sautee the veggies because it gives the soup another layer of flavor also, like most soups, the longer it simmers the better. I simmered the soup for about 25 minutes and it turned out great! you can go up to 40 minutes, just you keep a very gentle simmer and make sure you don’t run out of stock.

Always season as you go! Once the veggies are tender, season them with salt and pepper, when you add the tomato sauce and stock, let it simmer and taste so you can add more salt if needed. After it simmers for 25 minutes, taste it again. This way you will always have perfectly seasoned soup.

These Parmesan croutons are the perfect topping for this soup. The golden brown and crispy bread soaked in tomato soup it is just divine. Plus, they are so easy to make there’s no reason to skip them. I mean, just look at them, aren’t they a beauty?

Link to the Parmesan Croutons recipe here:

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